Monday, 14 July 2014

A bit of a jolly

 Back in May this year my daughter and I attended the annual Make, Do, Meet event in London. This year it was on the South Bank right beside the Thames. 

We were greeted in the entrance by these fantastic letters. I'd love some of these at home!

Spotted on a display board on our way around was a photo of me when I won the 'Start Up Success Award' in 2011.  Couldn't resist a photo opportunity!

We enjoyed listening to some inspirational talks and a very delicious lunch! We attended a useful photography workshop (just need to put some of the tips in to practise) and had a bit of a laugh doing this............


 My daughter, following on from  my success, now has her own storefront on and goes by the name 'Kimberley Rose'. 

She finished her law degree last year and continued studying to eventually become a solicitor. She got a job in a local solicitors but soon realised it wasn't the job for her. She is incredibly artistic and wanted to pursue art instead and she's so glad she did.  

London was looking mighty fine and we wasn't in a hurry to go home!

Who could visit London without doing a detour to Liberty. 

What a beautiful building it is, very British!

I could have scooped this little lot up and bought them home!

Anthropologies living wall was looking very lush.......

as was this broken ceramic display that hung from the ceiling. 

 Carnaby Street was also looking very British!

We live about an hours train journey from London and although I never used to enjoy going there when I was younger, I can think of nothing better than a day trip there now. 

I wouldn't want to live there as I love the country side we have here and also the sea so close but day trips are good.

The next day trip on my list is a visit to Columbia Road Sunday flower market.......just a shame my husband doesn't share my enthusiasm! 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I would walk 500 miles!

Back in April we went to Derbyshire for the Easter weekend. Our son has been living in Derby for the past year during his intern year.  He often goes on long walks in the peak district with friends and had told us how amazing the scenery was. We decided it was time to see for ourselves.

We stayed in a little village called Bradwell in a flat over a Doctors surgery. It had recently been modernised and was ideal for what we wanted.

These few photos were taken the day we arrived, all looking happy and ready for long walks. Little was I to know what was coming the next day!

We set off for Lady Bower reservoir early on the Saturday morning with nothing more than one bottle of water and four cereal bars between us. I'd had no intention of walking far but hadn't realised what my husband and son had in mind! My daughter and I were pretty much fifty metres behind them all the way as we made our ascent.  We reached a point where I was more than happy to start making our way back down but I soon realised I was being seen as the party pooper so on we went! 

Stunningly beautiful and amazing views I'll admit but my oh my I was in agony!

At this point we realised just how far we had to go to start our way back down and even further back to the car once we'd actually got back down! I could have cried......well I did!

All in all we worked out we'd walked 10 miles! Yes, 10 MILES!!!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy walking but my walking is usually along the seafront on a Sunday afternoon!

We had bought walking boots before we went which was such a good investment as I hate to think what I'd have been like without them. 

The next day was torture for us girls but the boys were happy to do it all again! No thank you!

A more leisurely day was in order on the Sunday so off to Chatsworth we went. 
It is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire....what a gaff.....
wouldn't fancy the cleaning though!

We had a lovely day there and I can highly recommend the food in the restaurant and not too expensive which is always a good thing!