Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I'm back!

  I can't believe how long its taken me to return here, but better late than never I guess!

I thought I'd do a quick catch up post and will try and find time to do more regular ones in the future.

The move went well, some tears, lots of laughter and some BT frustration ( better be careful what I say as I have a BT engineer in the house as I type!) 
but we got there in the end!

It was hard to leave my workshop in the old house but I had plans for my new workroom and it hasn't disappointed!

The weather for the moving day was this! Not exactly what was ordered but luckily they got it wrong and it stayed dry until most of the furniture was in.

The weeks leading up to the move involved a bit of planning as far as my workroom was concerned, as I needed it to be up and running almost immediately. We did a dash to Ikea one evening as the desks I wanted were being discontinued and there were two left in Tottenham in London. We borrowed a car that was big enough to carry all we wanted and luckily managed to squeeze it all in. That's my daughter amongst the boxes!

The day after moving in was the day of 'flat pack building'. Luckily for me its a job my husband and son enjoy and it didn't take long for it all be built. 

The house we've moved to was a show house and the decor in every room is 'us' including this rather gorgeous pencil wallpaper in my workroom! 

How I LOVE it!

 In between unpacking boxes I've been trying to add a few new products to my notonthehighstreet shop. 
I saw these lollies and thought they'd make lovely props (any excuse!) and also look nice on my dresser in the kitchen.

These are a couple of the designs I've done, there are more on the website and more ready to be sewn.

I thought I'd leave you with a view from the front of the house..... including the sheep!

I'll be back very soon......I promise!