Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tales of the unexpected

Having trained as a florist when I left school, I ADORE  flowers. 

Much to my surprise my husband came home with a this gorgeous bunch of roses last night. 

M&S dont you know!

£15 worth...............reduced to 50p!

Why he told me that bit, I've no idea!


  1. I trained as a florist too! How funny. Lovely to get an unexpected treat Gina xx

  2. Aw - its the thought that counts!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. They are beautiful ... whatever the cost and at least he saw these and thought of you ;) ... Bee xx

  4. 50p!! Wow!! Why do I never see these terrific bargains?? But how sweet of your husband. x

  5. What lovely flowers and lovely that your husband thought of you.....whether they were 50p or £50!! I know what you mean, though. Why do they have to spoil it by telling you the cost. My husband came home from a car boot sale a couple of years ago with a very wilted bunch of carnations in his hand and then told me he'd bought them cheaply on a stall from a man who ( by all accounts and purposes) seems to sell out of date fruit and Vegs as well ! But, bless him, he was so pleased with himself! Joan