Monday, 29 October 2012


As my last few days of freedom will soon be at an end and the Christmas rush will soon be upon me, my daughter and I took a trip to London on Saturday.

First we headed for the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden. Its such a busy place, always a selection of street entertainers who spend hours on end standing still in a statue-like pose and covered in gold or silver paint. 
The smell of food always make me hungry, along with shops like The Primrose Bakery and Hope and Greenwood. I did buy a few bits in there which I'll share with you another time.

This enormous Christmas tree had the most gorgeous red bow that I would love to have bought home with me......quite how I don't know!

But our main reason for the trip was to go here, to the Novello Theatre to see the musical 
"Mamma Mia'

And what a show it was too! 
Mind you I've nothing to compare it with as I'm ashamed to say it's the first London show I've ever been to. How sad is that?

The theatre was much smaller than I was expecting, which made it all the better. We had really good seats near the front and I have to say the performance was flawless.
All the way through I was itching (along with my two left feet!) to get up and dance and we all had a chance at the end when the lycra clad cast came on the sing a few more Abba favourites.

Both my daughter and I said we would happily have paid again and gone back for the evening performance. If you've not seen it I can totally recommend it.

A little bit of retail therapy was in order too and these tree decoration came home with me.
Flip flop wearing Santa on a cool is he?

Santa on a jet ski perhaps?

Or a ballet dancing giraffe?

I will photograph our tree this year just so you can see that I really don't need any more tree decorations but I just cant resist them!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too.


  1. I bet the stage show was fab, always better to see a show than watch the movie. We have an ABBA on SingStar for the Playstation which is always good fun to do!
    Lisa x

  2. We were going to take the kids into London at the weekend, but we kind of chickened out and just went as far as the Horniman museum (in Forest Hill) in the end. Looks like you had a great reason to pop in and a great time! I haven't been to a show for years, but I'm lucky get regular opera trips thanks to my generous sister. Loving the big bow and the santas. Bethx (thelinencat)

  3. I love your decorations! I was also in London on Saturday and did make a couple of purchases - the John Lewis Christmas display was just too tempting. x

  4. Wow, please tell me where you got your amazing tree decorations from. I love them! x