Friday, 14 September 2012

Fluff Friday!

Heaven in a 213gram jar!


  1. Mmmmm ... looks sticky sweet and very nice ... thanks agin Gina for the lovely bag ... I received it yesterday ... I did a little thank you post on my blog linking back to you and the shop ... hope you have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  2. This made me laugh because tonight, while moaning that there were no snacks or treats or chocolate in the cupboard, hubby got a malted milk from the biscuit tin and smeared it with Fluff. It seems he needed a sugar fix! I love it in a "fluffernutter" - a peanutbutter and fluff sandwich.

  3. Oh don't I love that stuff and in my opinion the only thing better is a jar of nutella( but then I am a chocoholic)!! Only trouble is once I start eating I can't stop lol
    Pene x