Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It must be love, love, love!

I LoVe DM's.
 I have four pairs already but saw these while shopping today and soon, very soon, one pair of these will be mine!

Just need to decide which!


  1. Oh god I'm having a midlife crisis I LOVE the red DMs!!! I used to have a pair of tall red (matt) DM's years ago but decided that 35 was too old to be wearing them so gave them away!! I have changed my mind for my 50th birthday (in about 6weeks) I want to wear RED DM's.......maybe with a little black dress? LOL
    Thanks for the memory

  2. I am a red girl myself, nearly all of my footwear is red and has been for years. My only question would be whether to go for black laces or the cute patterned ones.