Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Giveaway winner

Hello and so sorry I'm late in picking a winner for my bag giveaway but I was out last night and didn't have time to do it.

Anyway, the names ( all 16 of them!  )went into my beautiful Pip Studio bowl....

Now that hand and arm are not mine! 

If it was I'd be a making a waxing appointment immediately! I asked my son to choose a winner and he chose.....

The lovely 'Pipany!'

Well done you!
Please email me your details and I'll pop the bag in the post to you.

Thank you all so much for entering, I've never had so many entrants for a giveaway before and I'm thrilled. I have two other bags in the box and I will be doing another next week so please, please enter again even if you have before. Its a case of 'the more the merrier!'

On another note.......the reason why I had to dash last night and didn't have time to choose a winner was because I went to my first ever football match! 

My husband has recently become a season ticket holder at the Brighton and Hove Amex stadium in Brighton and I went with him. He has been a supporter ever since he was a kid and my job is usually to drop him and a friend at the train station but this time it was my turn to go too. 
I have to admit that I did think at first that I'd made a huge mistake in going as the whole train journey consisted of them discussing league tables, stats, price of the beer and pies while I sat staring out of the window peering into houses as we zoomed past....much more fun!

Once we arrived and found our seats and the action began I actually have to admit I really enjoyed it and laughed when I realised I was clapping when the B&H goalie prevented a goal!

Two hours and two hot chocolates later, we caught the train home and I'm even talking about going again!

Maybe it's something to do with all the Olympic coverage on the tv that has had me hooked. I just wish I could get the motivation to get my backside in to gear and do some kind of sport myself!

Oh well, as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day!


  1. Oh my lord, I won!!! Sorry I only just got around to checking through my bloglist Gina but wow, am I excited! Thank you so much. Will email my address xxx

  2. Love the football photos! I went to a couple of matches about ten years ago, to see Leeds at home, it was brilliant fun. My husband is a big Leeds United fan but he works weekends so I have (so far) avoided being a football widow. x

  3. Well done Pipany - lucky girl!
    Chuckled at the footie photos I went a couple of times with hubby, he's a huge Portsmouth fan(& England rugby)! It's usually the boys that get to go now!Can't wait for more giveaways, going away but there had better be internet connections!!!!