Sunday, 5 August 2012

Flower sitter

On Friday I spent £5 on a huge bunch of flowers from the flower seller in Eastbourne's town centre. He and his family have sold there for years and whenever I'm there on either a Friday or Saturday I cannot walk past without buying.
This week my heart nearly fell off its hook when I spotted bunches of Scabious and Delphiniums, two of my absolute favourite flowers. They remind me of my mum.

When I left school I trained as a florist and on Friday's (pay day) I would always take flowers home for my mum. If it was Scabious and Delphinium time of year, they would always be my choice. I love flowers. No, I aBsOluTeLy LOVE flowers!

This morning I took some photos of them with my iPhone using the 'Hipstamatic' app.

This morning I had to take my neighbour to the train station. Yesterday she was given a huge bunch of flowers at a wedding she attended and she asked if I would look after them until she comes home on Tuesday. Flower sitter....that's me!
 I wonder if I could get paid to do that? A full time job looking after other peoples flowers while they go on holiday?
Well, its a thought!


                      P.S.............Make sure you enter my bag giveaway in my previous post!


  1. Absolutely stunning - colours are beautiful! Lovely way to always have memories of your Mum

  2. Gorgeous photos, full of colour and pattern. I love the idea of a flower sitter. Yesterday, a friend gave me a bunch of flowers that she had been given a few days ago. She is about to go on holiday for two weeks and didn't want them to just wilt in a vase - so now I am the happy recipient! I just love to have fresh flowers in the house. x