Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sussex by the sea!

After struggling to find something to wear for the family wedding on Saturday I managed to find a suitable outfit and off we went.

The venue was a seafront hotel in Eastbourne, a fifteen minute drive a way. We were really lucky with the weather as the forecast wasn't looking so good. After the ceremony, (which was at the hotel) and the delicious meal, we sat outside drinking champagne and wine and watched the world go by. We had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Mr seagull and his mates hovvered over the tables where hotel guests had left unwanted food. I'm not a great fan of seagulls. We have lots of them around our house and our neighbour will insist on throwing bread out for them and they wait on his garage roof every morning making a terrible din! 
However, this chap looked quite friendly!

On Sunday we drove back to the hotel to retrieve our cars and a large group of us joined the bride and groom for a stroll along the prom.

Eastbourne Pier looking quite swish in the sun.

We stopped for some fish and chips and sat by the Pier to eat them. We must have looked liked tourists as a man stopped to tell us to watch out for the seagulls as they would grab our lunch if we weren't careful......been there, done that and got the seagull poo stained t shirt!

Looking at the weather here today, its hard to believe it was this glorious two days ago!


  1. Lovely post, so glad the weather was good for the bride and groom.....I did some training courses in a seafront hotel there years ago (can't remember for the life of me what it was called). And it was a great time thinking back now.

    How nice to walk along the pier the next day, I can remember how relaxed the day after our wedding was falling asleep in a garden....totally chilled after months of organisation.

  2. I do love the British seaside with the piers and seagulls and fish and chips and pebbly beaches... Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

    My sunglasses case is in constant use and I adore it. Although a bit more actual sun around these parts would be nice, the weather was awful today. But my new case cheers me up every time i look at it! x

  3. your photos look wonderful, beautiful blue skies (ignore the cloudy bits!)i have family in Eastbourne and Pevensey, weather always seems that bit better than here?!! glad the wedding went well.