Sunday, 15 July 2012


Yesterday my daughter and I went to our favourite fabric shop, The Eternal Maker in Chichester. It's about an hour and a half drive from here, but well worth the effort. It's full of lovely goodies from fabric and felt to bias binding, beads and buttons.
 Anyway, an hour or so was spent gathering bits and bobs and my daughter announced that as she is now the owner of her own sewing machine, she 'gets' my fabric addiction! Who wouldn't?

The sun was shining when we left so we decided that a visit to Chichester, a five minute drive away, was necessary. As we parked the car, and I walked to get a parking ticket from the machine, it started to rain. The time it took for me to put the money in, for it all to be rejected and put back in again, it was absolutely pouring with rain. Looking at the huge black clouds overhead and no umbrella, we thought we'd run for it.......well in my case walk fast for it! By the time we arrived at our destination, Cath Kidston, we we're both drenched. I can honestly say, I have never been so wet through rain, in my life! We looked like we'd both just stepped out of the shower with water dripping off our noses. My hair when wet, has a bit of a wave in it (thank goodness for straighteners) and by the time it dried I looked like Crystal Tipps and Alistair. My daughter spent most of the journey home laughing at my expense and taking photos of my hair! 

While in 'Cath" I took a photo of a lovely little sewing machine. Oh how I wish 'Little Betty' was mine!
I did buy yet another bag that was in the sale ( like I needed another 'Cath' bag!)

Next stop, 'John Lewis @ Home'. If I could choose a shop to be looked in over night it would definitely be John Lewis. I love everything about it. I also loved the look and name of this chocolate, just wish I knew a 'Nanny Goat' to give it to!

This Hope and Greenwood umbrella bonbon dish seemed quite appropriate for the weather on the day.

Today I've been busy making bunting, paper bunting to be exact.....well thin cardboard actually.
I wanted to make some for the workshop and my niece had the bright idea of using some pages from the brochures that I've featured in. So, along with a few sheets of card and pages of the brochures I made this. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I recently invested in some lovely pink blinds.
 I thought I'd need some to help block the sun out.......sun? What sun?

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and managed to dodge the rain!


  1. Oooh bunting I love it. Plus it's recycled which is even better. Your studio looks amazing, pink blinds and all!

    Helen xx

  2. Hello there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have often admired your products on not on the highstreet, so it's really nice to know a bit more about you! I love Chichester. My parents live near there and whenever we go to stay I always find an excuse to pop in. It's so pretty. I have never been the The Eternal Maker, but I must make time to visit next time I go down.