Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New baby

It's my daughters 24th birthday in a couple of weeks and she has asked for a sewing machine. I've no idea where she got the idea for that from but all I can say is it's about time!

Now, we are already a three sewing machine family but she wanted one of her very own. One that she could use whenever she wanted and not have to feel in the way if she used one of mine in the workshop.
I have three Bernina's and I love them all. They are real work horses, they are reliable ( leaning over to touch wood!) and despite two of them being over 40 years old, they just  keep on going.

My mum always had Singer's and my first and second were too but then I moved on up to Bernina's. 

I'd love a vintage Singer and have been looking recently on ebay for one and when the right one comes along I'll buy one to join the sewing machine family!

While looking for the right one for my daughter I came across the Singer 160 Limited Edition. It looks like a vintage one but is electronic and gorgeous! It was love at first sight when I showed her a photo of it online. 
Yesterday a nice man in a van delivered it and here it is!

Not the best of photos I know but you get the idea.
It came straight out of the box when she got home from work and out came fabric and thread and off she went.
I have to say, it sews beautifully and I'm very impressed.

Welcome to the family!


  1. I'm impressed too, wish my girls were even the slightest bit interested in sewing.
    I do not sew much these days but when I do my 45 year old Bernina is pulled out, also still going strong.

  2. Oooh that's so exciting that your daughter got a new sewing machine all of her own! You must show us what she makes.

    I just have a basic brother sewing machine that I picked up from tesco a few years ago. Someday I'd love to own a proper more advanced one, so if I ever win the lottery I might come to you for some advice!

    Helen xx

  3. Wow - that sewing machine is absolutely gorgeous! She must be as pleased as punch with it!

  4. It is a real beauty, I saw that just after I bought my new Janome at Christmas and wanted it too.
    How great it must be to have family who want to sew too, none of my 4 boys are interested ;0) x

  5. Wow - I love that they have made on to look vintage! It's beautiful. Your daughter is going to have years and years of fun with it isn't she! I just bought a replacement machine but the new one died after 22 days so is being repaired. Now I have total and utter sewing machine envy ....

  6. I'm a Bernina girl too - mine is now 20 years old, I bought is as a student and back then it was ex display and cost £400 !!! I remember that being sooooooo much money but it's hard to work as a costume designer without a decent sewing machine. I love the vintage look of the Singer, thank goodness it sews beautifully as well. Beth (the linen cat)x