Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Stressy Shed

Well what gorgeous weather we've had in the UK this weekend, and all last week too. Its been lovely and  makes me feel so much better to see the sun shining.
We had a lovely family BBQ yesterday evening, ate and drank too much, but it was fun. It always is when my sister-in-law is my company. We share the same sense of humour and on evening get togethers like that we laugh till our sides ache, in the end laughing at everything and nothing!

While the initial construction of the workshop took place I found it all very stressful. We had sent details of what we were planning to construct to the local planning offices and were told we didn't need planning permission. 
When they started building it looked huge but i realise now that was because it was new and nothing of that size had ever lived in the garden before! Now that its done and dusted it looks like its been there forever and, as I may have mentioned before, I love it!

So, while the stress was going on with me not eating or sleeping through worrying ( yes, I do that a lot!) the shed was renamed 'The stressy shed!'

My nephew Freddie who's 4 struggles to say my name, Auntie Gina, and calls me 'Auntie Dinner!'

Yesterday morning a parcel arrived from Freddie..........

Isn't it lovely?

It's taken pride of place outside the stressy shed along with some bunting I made this afternoon.

I hope you've  been able to enjoy the sunshine too!


  1. I think all of us could do with a Stressy Shed. Could we have a Stressy shed party where we could all come and be re-adjusted? It's been hot here I.n Pembs too but there was a little b reeve yesterday! Enjoy. Joan

  2. So cute! Enjoy your stressy shed.