Thursday, 19 April 2012


I was contacted by 'Sewing World ' magazine a while ago to ask if they could feature my 'Nice cup of tea' iPad case in their May issue. It wasn't going to cost me anything and I was very, very grateful to be asked. 
Of course I said yes please and ordered myself a copy which arrived in the post yesterday.
It bought such a smile to my face to see my work in print. I've been lucky enough to be featured in two other magazines and also the Daily Mail, along side my mate (I wish!)'Cath Kidston.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for 
a while will know that the past 18 months has been a bit of a whirlwind for me. I gave up my job as a teaching assistant and designing and making is now my full-time job.

My business name, as I know I've mentioned before, was my mum's name and it was her who taught me to sew. I know if she were here she would be very proud of all I've achieved in the past 18 months.

Family and friends are obviously very happy for me but some people really have the knack of letting you know that they genuinely are.
I had a visit this lunchtime from a lovely friend I used to work with at school. She loves the things I make and has bought numerous things from me in the past. Every time I see her she asks about my business  and always shows an interest and I know she is genuinely happy for me. 
There are times in your life when you really know who your friends are.

If you're reading this Mrs P,  thank you for coming to see me and I'll text you when I've made your case!


  1. I shall look out for this edition of 'Sewing World' - Congratulations!
    BTW why were you feared (sic) in two other magazines?? are you that scary??

    1. Hi Gill..Ha ha! That's so funny, I missed that typo! Thank you for pointing it out to me! x

  2. Well done....I know my Mother is going to LOVE the iPad case that you made for her.....keep going kid!! Joan

    1. Hi Joan, Thank you for ordering from me, I really hope your Mother likes her case x

  3. Congrats - you should be really proud, your work is lovely and deserves all the attention! I'm going to have to drop hints to my loved ones nearer my b'day etc, lots of your goodies i would like!!

  4. Very well deserved, long may this stretch of publicity and orders continue. Beth (the linen cat)x

  5. How fabulous!! Your work is beautiful and deserves this recognition. Congrats.

  6. Congratulations!! This is my first time popping by here, your work is lively and it sounds like you have worked really hard and it's starting to pay off. Sorry that should say lovely for some reason blogger won't let me click back on the word to change it! I keep having problems leaving comments!! Fliss xxx

  7. Lovely! You make beautiful things. One day I hope to retire and sew every day!! :D

  8. I am new to your blog, it's fab!
    My work is next to yours in the Sewing World mag picture, I make the Hen Tea Party brooches xxx