Saturday, 25 February 2012

Good Day Sunshine!

I think the lovely weather we had on Thursday got people thinking about summer as I've had lots of orders for my 'bring me sunshine' sunglasses case!

Ps... It's not to late to enter both of my giveaways below!


  1. You manage to get beautiful even writing! Well done !
    Heather x

  2. I wish I could write with my machine!
    Pene x

  3. It's only practice Pene, have a go and keep practising, you'll get there in the end! x

  4. I was just thinking how neat your writing was. Do you do it all freehand?

  5. Hi, yes I do. When I worked in a school I used to teach handwriting which I loved. I was quite particular about children forming their letters correctly and I think that helps me when I'm doing freestyle embroidery. It really is a case of practise, thats the only advise I can give. Just use scraps of fabric and try doing wiggly lines to begin with to get a feel for it. It's quite therapeutic too! x