Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I had to go to a meeting at the notonthehighstreet.com offices in Richmond yesterday and took the opportunity to have a day out in London.
My daughter came with me, just as well really as I'm useless on the underground and would probably still be there!
We left on the 7.40 train and made our way there stopping for a hot chocolate and chocolate twist in Costa.... yum!

After the meeting which finished around 12, we headed to Covent Garden. Such a lively, busy place with fantastic shops,

including this one, the Primrose Hill Bakery.... yum!

I have the Primrose Hill Bakery book, which I love and is one of my favourites that I use a lot. On Saturday I made the lemon drizzle cake (I also made on Sunday as the first one didn't last too long!) and couldn't believe the likeness to the one in their bakery!
It's in the photo above at the bottom.... yum!

The outside of the bakery is a beautiful, sunny yellow and I love the cake design in the window.

Next stop.....Hope and Greenwood..yum!

It has a lovely old fashioned feel with all those jars of sweets and took me right back to my childhood when I spied a box of sugar mice.....yum!

A hop on the tube to visit Liberty's. My daughter had never been there a and I knew she would love it.

How could anyone not?

You won't be surprised to hear that the only thing I bought was a bar of chocolate for my husband....yum!
Actually, i think the gorgeous bag they put it in cost more than the chocolate!

I could have scooped all of these up in my arms and ran off with them!

We had a lovely day, long and tiring but well worth the effort.


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  1. Oh I do love London! I'm so overdue a visit. I've just discovered your blog and thought I'd stop by and say hello :) x