Monday, 18 July 2011

Lovely Lip Balm Giveaway

It's time for another giveaway and this time it's for one of my lip balm cases.
To enter just leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner in a couple of weeks.

Good luck!


  1. They look so lovely. Hope you manage to get some 'me' time this summer, recharge your batteries before the Christmas rush!!

    Have a great week.


  2. How sweet are they? My Nivea rose lip balm would store nicely in one of those....:-)

    Sandie xx

  3. I echo Poppy Cottage's comment x

    Your lip balm cases are a brill idea...genius!

  4. Oh wow, how have I missed these up until now? They are gorgeous and so practical!

  5. You are so talented, and the things you make are so lovely.

  6. Crikey Mrs Rosie Hearts! You've kept those up your sleeve! I'm addicted to lip balm as it is! I think I may NEED one of these beauties to keep my stash in! Hope all's well with you! Loads of love, Amanda xxx

  7. What a fantastic idea! I'm always losing my lip balm in my bag, so one of these would be perfect for me :)

    P.S Thanks for the comment on my blog (which I never use anymore unfortunately, can't seem to get in the habit of regularly posting just yet :( I'm looking forward to reading yours xxx

  8. Did not win one of your lovely glasses cases, so maybe just maybe might manage to win one of these gorgeous lip balm cases. . . fingers crossed

  9. These are gorgeous!
    Count me in please!!

  10. Oh they are so cute, I'd love to have a chance to win one.

    Bertie x