Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mums and machines

I've had a very non productive day today, work wise.
My lovely Bernina sewing machine is obviously over worked and under paid and decided to eat a bag of nuts and bolts while I was asleep on Sunday night. Monday, being a Bank Holiday meant I couldn't take it to the Dr, so had to wait until today to go to Tunbridge Wells to get it looked at. I had it serviced just before Christmas when it was making the nuts and bolt noise then too. It cost me £200 to get it sorted and I was really fed up thinking I would have to pay the same again to get it fixed. I had made my mind up that if it needed repairing I was going to part exchange it for a new one.
Anyway, after a long walk from the car park with an incredibly heavy machine and arms 12" longer, the Dr took a look, and just like a child when you call the Dr out (they suddenly recover)so too did my machine!
Would it make the noise? Oh no, of course not.
He sewed with it and it behaved beautifully. I felt a John Cleese, Faulty Towers moment coming on. You know, the car episode where he gets out and hits the car with a stick?
The good news is it needed oiling, something I never do because I always thought you shouldn't.
Oh well you live and learn.

So, I arrive home two hours later to find my daughter in tears. She is doing a Law degree and has two more exams left to do in her final year. She has to work both days this weekend and was worrying that she wouldn't be able to revise because of it. I told her to ring work and ask if there was any chance she could have the weekend off, unpaid. She said she had left it too late and they would say no etc, etc. I said just try. The worst they can say is no.
Five minutes later she came off the phone crying, amazed that they had said yes!
I could hear my mum in my voice as I said,
"See, I told you so!" to which she replied,
"I can't wait to be a mum so that I can always be right!"


  1. Glad the machine has recovered after throwing a tantrum! Sending love to your daughter - I remember Amy as her dissertation date got closer! Crikey it was a very tearful and anxious time - the hangovers dodn't help either! Hers not mine! lol! XX

  2. Thank goodness the machine is OK. And yep I think we Mums are alwasy right, just my children who would disagree!!

  3. Oh I know exactly how you feel about your machine. Mine had to go and see the Dr a couple of weeks ago but like yours luckily it was something minor!! I think they do it just for the attention and so we remember how much we appreciate them.
    Good luck to your daughter I'm sure she will be fine but I remember how stressful final exams are, I made G's life and the kids hell for month.
    Pene x

  4. Oh my poor old Bernina has been making noises as well and luckily all was fixed by a quick clean and some oil. If you ever need yours looking at at home, I can recommend Kent Home Sewing Machine Service (01732 841073) he's a really nice guy who comes to your house and doesn't charge much for a service. Bethx