Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mollie Makes and Cakes.

Well I've finally found a copy of the new magazine, Mollie Makes. I grabbed the last copy from the shelf in Sainsbury this morning and hid it under my shopping in case anyone pinched it!

I'd read a few reviews on other blogs about it, some good some not so good. My opinion?......... I LoVe it! It's so, so me.

The feel of the paper used is lovely and it's the kind of magazine you can pick up and find something you didn't see the first time, if that makes any sense!
So, here I am with a cup of tea, radio on and Mollie Makes in hand.

Lots of interesting articles, like this one about a Boutique in Barcelona ( on my wish list to visit) called Keboniko. That too looks like my kind of shop. Rolls of bright coloured felt, buttons, ribbon....

Gorgeous pink dishes
And that is MY kind of bike!
In between reading I have a birthday cake to make. In fact 3 cakes which will go together to make one, if you get my drift. We have a very special birthday celebration this weekend and I'm going to spend tomorrow making, what I hope will turn out to be a great cake. We'll see. Fingers crossed please and pop back soon to see the result.


  1. I saw that Mollie Makes was launched last Thursday and it took me 4 days to track down a copy and like you it was the last one on the shelf!! I have already signed up for the 3 issues for £5 deal and can't wait for issue 2 to arrive. I love the mag and it's very rare for me to ever read even half but have already read it cover to cover and keep picking it up for another peek! Great Mag
    Pene x

  2. I am 50/50 loved it but not sure it was substantial enough for the price! I have signed up for the 3 for a fiver which is defo great value!!

  3. Even harder to get here in Australia :( I have to wait until June . Thanks for reviewing it ! I'm wishing away the month :( Love your blog xx

  4. Glad you found one,isn't it great. I've just subscribed, I don't want to risk not getting one next