Tuesday, 8 February 2011

If at first you don't succeed.............

Sorry for the long silence. I won't go in to details and bore you but lets just say the blog got pushed to one side.

Don't know if you have been watching 'Baking made easy' on BBC, but I LoVe it! Almost all the recipes Lorraine Pascale makes look amazing and this week was no exception.

She told us how easy peasy it is to make honeycomb. Now, Nigella told us the same thing a couple of years ago and after my 4th attempt in one evening I well and truly gave up and never revisited it again!

So when Lorraine showed us this week I thought I'd give it a go. I had Sky+ it so I had it on in the kitchen and did EXACTLY as she said and this my friends is what I ended up with........
The door and windows were flung open to get rid of the smell of burning and once it had cooled down, was thrown, with force, in to the bin!
Not being one to give up (well that's a lie really as I am easily beaten) I popped to Tesco and bought more butter.
Looking at the recipe on the website, which is more detailed than on the TV, I started again.
Watching over the pan like an anxious mother over a sleeping baby, I gently moved the saucepan around to stop it burning and hey presto this was the result!

There is one problem though.............I started a diet on Monday!


  1. My hubby is slightly in love with Lorraine ! xxxx

  2. Wow, that looks delicious, the non-burnt one of course! Plsd to see you back!

  3. Oh isn't that just Murphy's bloomin' Law for you? Still it looks gorgeous, and you can sniff it for free! Have things quietened down a bit now after that huge Christmas rush? xxxxx

  4. Oh I so need to start cooking, loving it, just remembered I need to make cakes for the kids school bake sale tomorrow am, boo, Maybe a visit to the shops is in order!