Saturday, 4 September 2010

Saturday strolling

We spent Saturday afternoon walking around the harbour deciding which apartment we are going to buy when we win the Lottery!

We decided on one of these. They are a new development and there are quite a few still available.

We walked for about an hour, passing by a couple of Martello towers. Some along the coastline have been turned in to houses. I'm not sure I'd like to live in one though as I like lots of natural light and I'm guessing there wouldn't be much inside one of these!

We watched the boats come in to the harbour and luckily both agreed on the style and colour we wanted.............dream on!

The apartments you can see in the distance look amazing but don't have a sea view so we crossed these off the list.
We finished the afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon.
I hope yours was good too.


  1. My hubby says that when Ive popped it, he's going to have "When weve got some money......." engraved on my headstone as its my favourite phrase!!! I'll come and house sit for you when you go off in your boat. xxx

  2. There's nothing like a bit of dreaming, is there?xxxx

  3. Lovely stroll! I often wonder about the Martello towers (I didn't know that was their name) but agree that the light can't be great and I do like good light.

    We always note houses we would like to live in, it's fun to dream :)